My Top 5 Animes

You would think that someone with the blog "Yamakoto" is some japanese dude that is the real deal and knows what he's talking about in terms of japanese culture.
Surprisingly, I'm not japanese. But I'm not american either. My anonymity decreased a little but I still am willing to keep it. So. Even if I am not jap, I still love their culture. And I fucking love animes.

The thing is, I haven't really watched that many, to be honest. But here goes..

*This will not contain spoilers. Also, I am not reviewing any of these, properly. I will just talk briefly about each of them as it would take me so much to address every single thing and you don't wanna read that shit, and I don't wanna write it.*

Number 5 :

Fullmetal Alchemist - (original)
This is a very balanced anime ! It has a lot of action, suspense, humor, and appeals to the intellect of the watcher as well. It's safe to say it's the Jack of all trades. But being captivating and trying to provide a bit of everything, does take a toll on the show. For instance sometimes, the plot seems forced, and it gets boring, even if it happens rarely. That would be the only downside of the show. The thing that sticks out the most in it is the idea of magic being a science. It addresses a lot of interesting philosophical points as well. I would say it is worth checking it out. It's a bit long, but it's okay, in terms of keeping you hooked.

Number 4 :

Afro Samurai - (original)
Remember 3 seconds ago how I complained about a show being too long ? This is so good, I almost feel bad it's so short. It only has 5 episodes ! But god damn it they are just so damn good. It relies heavily on epic battles and gore, but it doesn't exclude a good story, and special characters. I can't see any downsides worth mentioning. A useful tip: If you are going to watch this, you'd better search for a HQ or HD version, trust me.

Number 3 :

Hellsing OAV
If you're like me, you enjoy a good artistic representation of anything. This one does exactly that. The battles are monumental, and the way they happen is chaotic. Do I need to say more ?
This show's main thing is artistic violence. However, it does offer amazing characters as well. The thing I find so fucking awesome about it is the main character. If you've seen the series, you should agree with me when that the main thing of the show is Alucard. I mean I know it's the main character, but in some animes you really don't care that much for the protagonist. That shows bad writing. Here, I just wanna see him kick ass, so.. they got me here.
Overall, it's a fantastic wicked trip that I recommend watching.

Number 2 :

I've never seen such a variety of characters, intense battles, interesting abilities, hardcore badasses, awesome plot, funny moments and amazing story in any other animes ! Not to mention, HOT CHICKS !
I put this in nr 2 because while I agree that it has it's bad sides, such as the fillers (which I personally don't mind by the way), the positive things are so great, that I don't care. It manages to capture the audience's attention and does not disappoint. I give it my thumbs up seal of approval of 5 stars and everything. However I think it's topped by the number 1.

Number 1 :

Death Note
What it lacks in the number of episodes (which are a few) it makes up in how BADASS this show is. I mean, my tastes may be eccentric, but I ca safely say that this anime kept me on the edge for extended periods of time. It's story is centered around 2 masterminds that seek to find and destroy each other. But this competition and pressure, also involves friendship. It also includes a lot of references, philosophical dilemmas concerning morality, and does not forget about the humor.
You know.. an anime, in many many ways, or any show for that matter. Be it a movie, or anything, any art form, including songs, all of them are like food. Food in general. You have a limited amount, in which you must combine flavors and consistency in just the right way, for an explosion of inspiration, beauty and brilliance to happen (or sweet flavors, and nutritional substance). In my opinion, Death Note is like a very well made dish that is mainly nutritional, but has some additional garnishes that make it a little more interesting as a flavor. And how you watch it, (or consume it) depends on what you focus on, in the plot, or in the anime in general. And it's the same thing as focusing on a specific taste. It's really an inspiring awesome show that I would definitely recommend watching.

For the record, I did not watch One Piece which I heard is a main show out there, a solid must-see, mainly because whenever I want to begin watching it I just look at how many episodes there are. OVER 500 !!! But everyone insists that I should give it a try.
Now, I know this list is lacking, and I know that if I were to watch One Piece, this list would change. That's why I want you to keep in mind that this list is strictly about the animes I watched until this point in time (April, 2012). I will provide updates as I watch more and more animes. And if they are really good, then this list will definitely change. I would also like to mention that I didn't put Naruto in here, not because it's not good, because I enjoyed it very much, but it has one major flaw that I hate so much about it : The action, is happening veeeeeery slow. I mean.. a simple advancement in the plot, takes 10-15 freaking episodes ! Don't get me wrong, I know there are people who enjoy this slow and steady way of narrating a story, and it DOES give the writers time to enter a variety of things in it, and make it more complex. But I just don't have the patience, with this show. However, the show still isn't bad at all. If I was to put it in this list, I would put it in number 5. When it comes to it's quality, it's very close to Fullmetal Alchemist. I mean it is good, but like I said.. The fights are long, and consist of explanations, and that's never a good idea. In any movie, or animation or anything that presents a story, it is generally better to SHOW, and NOT tell. With Naruto, they tend to do this, backwards. In the end, Naruto is close to Fullmetal because it makes up for the great characters and story. Oh and by the way.. Sakura needs to get laid.

Well there you have it. My top 5 animes, I hope you enjoyed this list, please be sure to comment, or share if you did. Take care.

Exquisite music

As a rabid hipster I am constantly listening to unknown music. Today, I will present a very special radio that I listen to, and it relaxes me in ways even I cannot fully understand.

Lounge radio - Digitally Imported

When you are working, it is excellent that you have this music in the background. It makes for a very fine atmosphere. I highly recommend it.

Why am I doing this ? Because I am simply tired of pretty much every shit out there that you hear on the radio, in commercials, in movies, in people's cars, everywhere !
Now, granted there are some pretty good songs that pop out in the modern known culture, but they are rare ! And it's very nice to have an alternative.

Some more notorious hipster friends of mine say that it is important to preserve the low popularity of certain "hidden" radios, and tracks. And when I say hidden, I am talking about them being less known. But I think that from time to time, it is important to import new listeners, because people die, and if we wouldn't share what we have with ANYONE, our culture would die as well. PRESERVATION, my dear readers.

That's the fundamental philosophical problem of the hipster.. for one thing, his culture must remain underground. But in order to remain a culture, he needs fresh meat as well. Otherwise it would wither away. So a balance must be preserved.
Do I make any sense ? No ?
Well.. just enjoy that radio and CHILL....

Noobs of the internet

So.. if you haven't heard, there is a new scandal on the internet.. regarding a girl with down syndrome.
Here's the link

Isn't it just wonderful ? "Trollers !" "They attack innocent people ! We must put them in jail !"
I call horseshit on everything presented there. STOP
I am willing to back myself up with actual arguments against this stupid propaganda.

First of all.. the internet was to be a place of freedom. A place where nobody knows who anyone is, but they exchange ideas and/or make fun of each other. At least the interactive part of it was this way.
Now, a new generation is experiencing the internet. AND THEY'RE DOING IT WRONG !

You don't know what I'm talking about ? Have you seen this trailer ? You have to watch it for me to make a point.
It is an excellent example of how "the noobs of the internet" as I like to call them, go out there like gazelles in the jungle, revealing every aspect of their lives on facebook, twitter, and other websites, giving trolls, (who are smart enough to actually remain anonymous) the opportunity to BASH THE LIVING FUCK OUT OF THEM.
Then they bitch about it as if it's the internet's fault. Trolling on the internet has existed ever since the internet was FUCKING. MADE !

Returning to the girl with down syndrome, I agree that this is a different case, because that photo of her wasn't meant to be on the internet, I guess, and it was actually passed around like a well made joint. Yea that's right ! That "potato" meme was around, for literally years now ! And who actually complained ? No one. The funny thing about this drama (yes, there is a funny thing) is that if that girl hadn't found out about the picture of her young self being a meme, it would still circulate through the internet, and no one would even bother to think anything of it.

Let me explain a very simple concept, to a bunch of grown "mature" people who actually have a well payed job, talking on the news, about topics they refuse to understand..  It's a very easy-to-grasp concept :
Someone's personal definition, is different than an image of that person, years ago, that is actually passed around for the concept of dark humor, and NOT for the mockery of that particular person's identity.

In other words, no one EVER stopped to think : Hey, this is a real girl. I should not make fun of her.
Know why ? Because they were disconnected !!! From her actual identity. All they saw was a funny picture !

How is this a difficult to understand concept ?! The thing that you people are REALLY against, is the dark humor ! The fact that healthy people mock those with disabilities, bother you. And I agree, they are insensitive ! But that's because they have no empathy of the situation. And they have no empathy of it because they are unaware of how life is, struggling with that certain disability ! Once you understand how people think, it's much easier to solve problems. But when news reporters simply refuse to see the other perspective, they fail as actual thinking beings. The only word left to describe them is "idiots".
Even morally, they fail because let me ask you this.. news reporters. Why is it that you are offended when a simple act of ignorance occurs, on the internet, nonetheless, where everything is abstract and no real connection happens between people, but are not offended of the following things :
Death Penalty
Starving poor people

It seems like you people ignore most of the horrible stuff out there, and instead, focus on ridiculous nonsense like trolling on the fucking internet, and make retarded movies such as Cyberbully. A movie built on a narrow perspective, false concepts, and a lot of stupid propaganda.

There isn't much more to say, but for my final point, I would just like to leave this here, which is kind of a quote of mine, that fits perfectly here :
You complain about monsters but no one would be a monster, if our society, was not a society of monsters.

*edit* if you were offended, when I used the word "retarded" earlier, it is because you STILL don't understand my point here. I can use the word "retarded" as a negative thing, without thinking of the actual people that are retarded ! I can still feel bad for them, AND use this word in a negative way because I'm using my god damn brain ! I realize that in order to have an impact, I must use certain words. Does that mean I am an insensitive jerk ? Of course not ! It's like using "gay" in a negative way. I just use it for the negative reputation it has, and not think about people that are actually homosexuals, as being immoral. Please, people. Try to wrap your mind around this ! Otherwise you will get bogged down in semantics and will be fooled by your own fucking language !