It's good to be pissed

Yes I finally got proper internet.

Preetty exciting, huh ? No! It's not exciting. I wanna talk about the act of blogging. I saw many bloggers post meaningless trivial stuff from their day-to-day life, and getting a lot of attention, for no good reason.
Our example of the day will be the Shaytards. A family that has been vlogging (video blogging) on youtube for quite some time now. And it's not even entertaining or interesting in any way. They just film their family, doing boring tasks such as go to the store, play real life games, or other trivial shit that every-day people find it boring. What they do, is add cheesy jokes to make it fun. And apparently they are having a good time, hoping the audience will do the same. And it looks like the audience does ! They have 1 million subscribers and 100-200 thousand views per video, with some exceptions.

Here's a link to their channel

Now I'm not here to hate for no reason. Why would anyone like this ?! I just don't understand what is the entertainment value to be had here. Just filming day-to-day life is not something people should be looking forward to ! This is the internet ! It is a place where you ESCAPE or at least try to, the day-to-day life.
They are not the only ones, either. I won't give hundreds of links, but there really are a lot of people who do the same thing and somehow are doing very good. I cannot comprehend the amount of boredom those watchers must experience in their day-to-day lives, to be entertained by another group's same thing.

Now I should just shut up because I have the good ol' hipster mentality that the entertainer (whoever it is) should not submit to what the masses want to see, because it becomes a sellout. Submitting to what the masses want to see, cuts the entertainer's originality, carving and changing his act. Let me give an example : A guy starts and builds his career, making comedies. He is really good at it, and it is like he is meant to be a comedic actor. Then he notices a statistic that shows that horror movies are sold better. So he begins to play in horror movies, and of course, as an effect, the audience will start to hate him or simply lose interest.

However, in this simple case, I am not saying that the shaytards changed. They STARTED wrong. Which is a different thing. Also, that channel is not their only one. Just like the great chinese dragon had many heads, they have  other ones, all of course with over 100 thousand subcribers. Jesus christ they are even worse than Ray William Johnson and his Equals three show. At least I laughed several times at some clips he showed.. At least he managed to get entertainment in there somehow.
Bottom line, everyone that is enjoying the shaytards, needs to evolve their entertainment expectations. Seriously.