Exquisite music

As a rabid hipster I am constantly listening to unknown music. Today, I will present a very special radio that I listen to, and it relaxes me in ways even I cannot fully understand.

Lounge radio - Digitally Imported

When you are working, it is excellent that you have this music in the background. It makes for a very fine atmosphere. I highly recommend it.

Why am I doing this ? Because I am simply tired of pretty much every shit out there that you hear on the radio, in commercials, in movies, in people's cars, everywhere !
Now, granted there are some pretty good songs that pop out in the modern known culture, but they are rare ! And it's very nice to have an alternative.

Some more notorious hipster friends of mine say that it is important to preserve the low popularity of certain "hidden" radios, and tracks. And when I say hidden, I am talking about them being less known. But I think that from time to time, it is important to import new listeners, because people die, and if we wouldn't share what we have with ANYONE, our culture would die as well. PRESERVATION, my dear readers.

That's the fundamental philosophical problem of the hipster.. for one thing, his culture must remain underground. But in order to remain a culture, he needs fresh meat as well. Otherwise it would wither away. So a balance must be preserved.
Do I make any sense ? No ?
Well.. just enjoy that radio and CHILL....

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